I’m Nicola, a photographer specialising in portrait photography.

I have always had a passion for photographing people. 

When I look at faces in pictures they conjure up so many emotions, and I love to create moments for other people that will be held close to them for many years.

I am a mother of three, and as soon as I had my first daughter I became aware of how quickly those precious newborn moments can go in a flurry of feeding, changing and desperately trying to catch 40 winks when you can. 

I think my children are possibly the most photographed children ever and have become quite used to me getting my camera out at every opportunity.

I have been very lucky to have followed some families from maternity to newborn and beyond, creating a story to be looked back on and talked about.

Its fantastic to be able to reconnect as a family by setting some time aside to get all the photographs out, laugh , cry,  and immerse yourselves in those precious past moments.

As well as the gorgeous dreamy newborn images, I love capturing those unplanned moments too. I don’t expect your two year old to be on his or her’s best behaviour, some of the best moments are the pulled faces and mini strops, this is after all real life! 

The last thing I want is for you to be stressed and worrying about keeping them in order. Leave this side of things to me as it’s part of what I do.

Apart from the obvious love I have for my family and friends there are other loves in my life too.

Drinking a freshly brewed coffee in the garden and taking in the peace before my munchkins get up.

Eating chocolate, especially Nutella straight from the jar.

Music! The first thing I do every morning is put the radio on. 

I love everything from the most unique decade the 1980s to Radiohead, New order to Kate Bush and the Foo Fighters to The Frozen soundtrack !

A pub quiz…I’m not the slightest bit competitive, honest…

When it comes to working together I am a firm believer that we have to get on.

Its so important that when making a decision about something as important as photography that the relationship is good. 

Family images are an investment and you need to know that you have the right photographer and I need to know I have the right client so that the experience is positive and happy.

Do not worry or wait for the ‘perfect time ‘ to have your images taken, there will always be something that you’re a little unhappy about  ( I speak from experience) Your hair isn’t quite right, you feel a bit spotty, or you want to wait to lose a few pounds. 

Don’t wait. Real life is how you look on the day. It’s my job to help you relax and use my skills to make you love your images, with the right light and a whizz over in photoshop you’ll see the absolute best version of yourself.

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